Why is my baby not walking? Not even trying?

  • August 29, 2017

It is as hard for him as it would be for you if I ask you to walk on a log 15 feet over a fast running stream

His rational mind is not mature yet to predict the future. His brain can not assist him to see beyond a certain point.
Without the rational mind, he does not see that the effort he has to put into learning a difficult task will pay him off later. He wants a cause and effect now.
If his actions do not give him satisfaction in the moment he will try something else.
So he chooses a very smart route.
He adapts.

right and left brain depiction

Even though adults have their rational mind developed well, adults don’t act that much different either

We all adapt differently. Some of us try walking with a different gait pattern. Some of us try locomotion with a wheelchair.
Some of us have bodies that can not move according to our will at all.

Our adaptation also depends on our personalities

Some of us are “thinkers”. Some of us are “doers”. And anything in between.
Thinkers will most likely adapt by giving up the physical aspects and escaping into the dream world.
Doers will most likely adapt by pushing their bodies to extremes.
And anything in between.


baby standing upside downWhen we work with our children on the physical aspects of their existence without taking into consideration their personality, they will find a way to avoid that movement.

To teach a child to walk, or to do any challenging task we need to work with the whole child.
His body structure, his muscle tone, his personality and his soul of course!

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