Is it bad for babies to stand too early?

  • September 4, 2018

Yep, it is.

And, no it is not.

It depends on many circumstances.

Let me explain.

However, before I do let's clarify:

Do you mean standing or weight bearing?

Standing is when your baby can stand and balance himself holding onto the crib, couch, mom or independently.

Weight-bearing is when you hold the baby, and you can feel him pushing up with his legs when his feet touch a steady surface.

Weight-bearing generally develops by the 4th month of age and standing by the 7th month.

The next question is:

What is too early?

Generally speaking, weight bearing before the 4th month and standing before the 7 month is too soon.

But, as always, there are many nuances in development.
Nothing is black and white.
Nothing is written in stone.

I have seen healthy babies who weight-bared before their 4th month and after the 6th month.

I had also seen healthy babies who stood before the 7th month and ones who stood after their 10th month.

Standing earlier or later than average is not really the problem.

The most crucial question is:

How is your baby standing?

How is your baby holding his head, shoulders, trunk, legs, feet in the standing position?

This is what the question should be.

If it is the wrong way no matter how old your baby is it is bad for him to stand or weight bear.

Let's look at some examples to understand the differences.

Youtube is an excellent source finding information about the diversities of baby development.

Bellow is a video of a baby weight bearing and is ready to do so.

She is steady and strong. 
Her feet are aligned well. 
Her shoulders are in a good position, and she has good head control.

Her mother is holding her by her arms which means she is steady enough to hold her trunk and shoulders even with an arm hold.

She is very young, only 3 months and 2 days old but for her, it is OK to practice weight bearing.

However, the next video is shoving a baby who is not ready to weight bear.

He is starting to accept his weight, but it is hard for him.

He has poor head control in the supported standing position.
His head and trunk are wobbly.

His parents are holding him high on his trunk, right under his shoulder pits, which is what we adults have to do to help a weak baby.

He is almost ready, but practicing weight bearing is not suitable for him unless he practices with a skilled professional.

My search result of "3-month-old baby standing" on YouTube also found a video of a 3-month-old baby "walking".

This video made me sad and clench.

This precious little guy is not ready to stand or walk.
He is ready for weight bearing though.

On this video, his mom pulls his shoulders too high through the arms.
When he steps he puts weight on the side of his feet, and he crosses his legs just to name a few issues.

This type of activity/exercise could cause adverse developmental outcomes for this baby.

How can you help Your Baby learn to stand?

One of the most important things you can do is educate yourself about baby development.

This way you know what your baby needs to do as your baby grows.

If you notice any challenges or delays take your baby for an evaluation to a skilled pediatric professional or ask your pediatrician.

If your baby develops well, one of the simplest things you can do is to practice with your baby what you see he is trying to do but still gets stuck with.

Icelandic babies exercise and thus some stand earlier

​Youtube also has videos of amazing standing Icelandic 3-month-old babies.

As you can see in the video below, these babies exercise before they practice weight bearing. That is why some of these babies could weight bear and eventually stand earlier that the average babies can.

Of course, not every baby in Iceland can do this.

Not even the ones who participate in these exercises.

And the babies who learn to stand early will make the news.

Listen to the mom of the above video at 5:24 where she compares her two daughters.

There is one more important question:

Why do moms want to rush their babies to stand and walk?

It seems like the development of babies and kids is a competition.

I am the first to advocate teaching babies.
But not to compete with them or compete kids against each other.

Teach Your Baby:

To promote healthy and good development.

To promote early education.

To improve your children's life.

Please, never teach your baby just to compete and possibly compromise your child's health.

The best approach to help your baby is to educate yourself about infant development and keep records about your baby's development.

With intention, a vision, a clear goal, patience, persistence, daily repletion, and a joyful firm belief in your baby, in yourself and the universe anything is possible!

As always, enjoy your baby and motherhood.

See your baby (babies) as a gift for you to love and cherish.


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