puzzles are fun for all ages

Puzzles are not a toy that we can hand our babies to play independently with. Puzzles have many obstacles for a mind that have not seen puzzles yet. Playing with peg puzzles engages new sensations – new smell, new images, new movements, new concepts ext in the baby’s developing mind.


puzzles are fun for all ages

Puzzles are versatile toys and educational tools
“They are fun for all ages.”

The beginner puzzles are peg puzzles. The large knob puzzles are a good toy from age 6-7 months. The small peg puzzles can be introduced at 10-11 months of age.

I prefer the small knob puzzles. The large knob is good for someone with weak hands and severe muscular challenges. Babies with no challenges usually graduate to the small peg puzzles in 2-3 months.

What do I do with peg puzzles?

First of all, I consider them tools, not toys.

  1. Teach imitation
  2. Teach matching
  3. Teach vocabulary
  4. Teach sounds and words
  5. Teach concepts i.e.: colors, counting
  6. Teach bending the knees and other motor skills
  7. Teach following directions Continue Reading