rational mind

Because it is as hard for him.
It is as hard for him to attempt to walk as it would be for you to cross to the other side on a thin log 15 feet high over a fast running stream.

He thinks in the now. In the present moment, or Now it is hard to walk for him, impossible perhaps. So why would he try?

His rational mind is not mature yet to predict the future. His brain can not assist him to see beyond a certain point. Without the rational mind, he does not see that the effort he has to put into learning a difficult task will pay him off later. He wants a cause and effect now. If his actions do not give him satisfaction in the moment he will try something else. So he chooses a very smart route. He adapts.

rational mind

Even though adults have their rational mind developed well, adults don’t act that much different either

We all adapt differently. Some of us try walking with a different gait pattern. Some of us try locomotion with a wheelchair. Some of us have bodies that can not move according to our will at all.


Gross motor skills and your child's personality

What is personality?  “It is a set of individual differences that are affected by the development of an individual: values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills.”  This also including gross motor skills.

I wonder, how much each skill affects our children’s personality?


My kids could not avoid their physical therapist mama teaching them rolling, sitting, crawling. They could have learned on their own but I wanted to give them a head start in locomotion. The results were very different. They both taught me many valuable if very different lessons.

My daughter, a very strong girl, (my perpetual mover) thrived so well with the extra training, her gross motor skills developed so fast, that she crawled at 5 and ½ months. However, my laid back, low muscle tone son would not even sit independently by 7 and ½ months but decided to show off a skill set of sitting, crawling and pull to stand all in one day. Clearly their genetically given muscular tone, balancing skills affected how and when they learned to sit and crawl.

Up to this day, my children’s gross motor skills are vastly different. They also have very different personalities, different interests in sports and almost every area.

Is our personality a collection of skills or does our personality directs the development of our skills?

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