What is it that makes a stroller great?

This is a tough question.

There are so many great strollers and several great reviews - How should you choose? It is easy to get lost.

Is a stroller a mothers tool or a baby accessory? Is it both?

Is a stroller a fashion statement?
Or functional device? Is it both?

A stroller is a baby moving device.

A baby bed and a baby chair all in one with wheels and a bar to push it around.

Today we have the luxury to choose from many brands and models of strollers to accommodate our lifestyles.

A great stroller is one that is very practical for mom, easy to maneuver and most importantly it is a stroller that supports the baby the right way as she grows.

stroller with thick rubber tires

Do looks matter?

“Oh, look at that stroller!? “- have you heard this before? - I have, from moms and grandmothers, many times.

What is it about strollers that make us look at them like that. Like what exactly?
Why do we notice strollers like man notice cool cars?

I don’t know, but it seems, that looks do matter.

My choice of a stroller has to look good of course, but how it looks, is very personal. What I like you might not like.
I will leave that to you. 

Best stroller

If you figured out the mystery of the “cool stroller” syndrome, please leave your analysis in the comments below!

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